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Hotel Marketing Overview

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2. Site Overview


With our unmatched database and research capability HotelRooms.Com is on its way to becoming the industry standard for direct links to hotels, motels and other accommodation facilities. Online travel sites have moved into first place as the research tool of choice for all leisure travelers, forty-four percent of whom use one or more travel-specific Web sites when researching personal travel (up sharply from 28% in 1999.) is currently the most robust, one-stop, destination-based research and reservation tool for the hotel-seeking Internet traveler.

The model successfully reverses the airfare-centric online travel formula, by wrapping air, car rental and other ancillary services around the hotel core. This is in part based on the logic that a greater amount of information, both visual and factual, is often required by people to make a hotel booking decision. 

Key leverage points vis--vis competitors include:

Our Internet Address: 
This is a powerful draw, as the Company will appear in the top percentile for most keyword or meta-tag driven searches.

The unique system/search engine drives high-speed profiling and data acquisition concerning traveler preferences, which will drive our personalized content on a user-by-user basis.

Internet Strategy: has developed and successfully tested a search engine placement formula, which has resulted in top 10 positions in major search engines for pre-determined keyword combinations. The website currently consists of over 10,000 unique static pages all of which have been spidered and indexed by Google, Inktomi, Fast, Lycos and more.

Rational Pricing Model: 
Our fee structure offers hotel partners a complete return-on-investment with just one reservation generated from a referral. Our performance-based listings offer a more productive advertising avenue than traditional, impression-based ad campaigns.


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