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Hotel Marketing Overview

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3. vs. Travel Sites


An Internet traveler, prior to coming to is already aware of the fact that our focus revolves around hotels. Those surfers who find us through a search engine know that they are accessing a database consisting of over 25,000 hotel websites. Over 90% of all visitors to our site perform geographically oriented searches (ex. New York, Paris, near LAX airport, etc.) These facts allow us to derive the following conclusions:

Visitors to the website are either researching or attempting to book a hotel room.
A majority of our visitors already have already selected a destination.
Most of our visitors do not have a brand preference – but rather search by location. offers the most highly targeted and qualified hotel-seeking audience to our hotel partners.
A lead or referral is primarily looking to reserve a hotel room.

Travel sites do not offer the depth of content, which is available at Hotel information is housed in discrete databases – offering a limited amount of property info or photos – and NEVER delivering the end user to the actual website of the hotel. This focus on commissions is what makes travel sites inferior to – they simply do not give the end user what they need – access to information and photos, which allow them to make an intelligent and educated travel decision. This is best facilitated by allowing them to view the property’s website, which offers first-hand information about the location.
The major problem with using search engines for hotel research or booking is the fact that even the simplest query (ex. A search in for “Hotels in Atlanta” returns 266,915 results) overwhelms the user with tons of information – a small percentage of which is actually pertinent to their search. Those results which do fit the search rarely bring the user to the hotel website – but rather funnel them into an assortment of travel sites, and discount offers. visitors are aware that we are a niche search engine consisting of property websites ONLY – we do not have travel sites and discounters within our listings. In the eyes of the end-user this sets us apart from major search engines, because we offer precise result sets, which match their query. It also gives us a unique service to offer to hotel properties – we deliver targeted leads to their websites – without collecting a commission in the process. The ultimate result is’s major role in the industry-wide shift, which is increasing the revenue being generated by one of the most under-developed distribution channels – the world wide web.


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