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Hotel Marketing Overview

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4. Benefits of Joining


The database offers the traveler-to-be an entire arsenal of information – from hotel and room photos, to amenities, area attractions, restaurants, recreational activities and more – presented in an organized, easy-to-navigate fashion. The site offers the most thorough set of tools and data needed to make an intelligent decision and purchase. This is particularly important in selecting a hotel, an area of the industry where customer’s choices are always more dependent on visual aides, as opposed to the price and schedule-based airfare or car rental purchase. is currently the most robust, one-stop, destination-based research and reservation tool for the hotel-seeking Internet traveler. Our database consists of information on over 25,000 hotels, and direct links to each property’s website, offering the end-user the Internet’s most thorough research tools for finding a hotel.
The user interface has been designed to provide hotel research tools to both Internet experts and novices alike.

A complete list of properties for any destination can be accessed from any of the site’s 15,000+ pages. Search boxes, city shortcuts, as well as links to the different property-type sections of the site are found on every page, ensuring that links to relevant hotels are always just one click away.

NO PASSWORDS REQUIRED gives every user complete, unbiased access to our entire database, without the need or hassle of registering, or revealing any personal information. 

Direct links to the most popular sections of the site give the end user the ability to instantly find specific property types in specific locations without exhaustive searches. Economy, corporate, extended stay hotels, etc., as well as resorts and meeting planning space can be easily accessed from any page.

Our “Hotel Specials” directory lists current and upcoming promotions, discounts, and other incentive programs submitted directly to by each property. To date, no other service available on the Internet has provided a unified, unbiased, non-commissioned marketplace which gives the hotel-seeker access to hundreds of discount offers directly from hotels.

Visitors to quickly learn that in order to view property information, they actually visit each hotel’s website. This is a key factor in increasing the look-to-book ratio achieved through our site, since even the most experienced and savvy net user feels less reluctant to make a purchase directly from the supplier of the product, as opposed to an intermediary or re-seller. In most cases, people also feel that by shopping directly, they are not exposed to prices which have been marked up for the sake of profit margins, and as a result they feel comfortable that they are getting the best deal. 

A hotel-seeker visiting is not forced to perform a reservation online. Having full access to each property’s information, they have the choice of GDS, email, fax or phone to book a room. This empowers the visitor in a fashion rarely found on travel sites, which enforce the use of online bookings to generate commissions. 

Leaving the reservation method open to the traveler results in an increase of trust and confidence, rather than the feeling of pressure to make a purchase. Ultimately, this results in a positive purchase experience; one that brings visitors back to


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See the different ways used by Internet travelers worldwide to find, and how we deliver hotel-seekers to property websites.

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